not your grandma’s carpet bag pattern

Not Your Grandma's Carpet Bag

Carpet bags have been around forever – almost as long as carpets have been around.  As time goes by, the style hasn’t changed much but the material has.  Ozark Opulent and Ozark Companion bring the wonderfully classic style of carpet bags into the 21st century with variegated colors and sculptured looking detail. 

2 skeins Ozark Companion
1 skein Ozark Opulent
10 ½ circular needles (20 inch)
stitch holder or string
Stitch marker
Size N crochet hook
2 12 inch wooden handles
Tapestry needle

BO: bind off
K: knit
K2tog: knit 2 sts together
P: purl
PM: place marker
Rem: remaining
Rnd: round
Sl: slip
Sts: stitches

Using 2 strands of Ozark Companion, CO 60 sts.  K 10 rows.  P 1 row.  Pick up 72 sts around the base of the bag — 6 sts on each side and 60 sts on back — 132 sts.  PM and join, being careful not to twist sts.  K2 rnds.  Break off one strand of yarn — rem knitting will be done with one strand.  K all rnds until end of 1 skein.  Join 2nd skein.  K 1 rnd.  *K11, K2tog; rep from * to end of rnd. K 5 rnds.  *K10, K2tog; rep from * to end of rnd.  K5 rnds.  End of working in round.  K 51 sts, place on holder.  BO 4 sts.  K 55 sts, turn.  BO 4 sts.  K 10 rows, BO rem sts.  Return to sts on holder, sl onto needle.  K 10 rows, BO rem sts.  Weave in loose ends.  There will be remaining Ozark Companion — will be needed for finishing.

Place bag in cotton pillow case.  Pin closed.  Place in washing machine with a pair of color-fast jeans for added friction.  Set machine on low water setting and add very small amount of soap.  Wash for 5 minutes using hottest water setting and fastest agitation possible.  Pull piece out and check for sizing.  This is a very hands-on process as you will need to be checking on the piece very frequently — every couple of minutes — to make sure that you get it to the correct size.  You’ll only be lightly felting the bag, which should only take 8 to 10 minutes, but you should CHECK IT OFTEN!  Machines are variable in their settings, which makes the felting times different as well.  When it’s the right size — I used the base of the wooden handles I’m using as a sizing guide — pin it back up in the pillow case and turn machine to spin cycle and spin all the water out.  Block to desired shape and air dry.

Using darning needle and remaining Ozark Companion, stitch on wooden handles.  Reserve approximately 3 yards of Ozark Companion for stitching on Ozark Opulent.  Using Ozark Opulent, crochet a single chain to desired length.  This chain is the decorative pattern on the bag, so the more decoration that you would like, the longer you should make your chain.  I used about 2/3 of the skein of Ozark Opulent.  Lay chain out in a random pattern on the bag.  Using the Ozark Companion remaining from knitting the bag and the darning needle, tack the chain onto the bag — tacking down every other “link” of the chain.


Download the PDF version here: Grandma’s Carpet Bag 














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