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such an amazing pattern, it must be shared

December 15, 2009

I am going through my usual list of blogs and this time I can finally respond to them with a link back to my own blog!  I happened to stumble upon one of the most beautiful sweaters I’ve seen in a while.  The original pattern is September [on Ravelry here] but she has made some wonderful alterations [on Ravelry here] to it that I’m going to have to cast on as soon as I finish my holiday knitting.  For those without Ravelry, which just seems crazy to me, here are a few pictures:

     September Sweater


Now if that isn’t one of the most beautiful sweaters you’ve seen, you’re just crazy.  But anyways, it’s time to get back to my blog commenting — yay!  Hope everyone else enjoys this sweater just as much as I have so far and I’m sure that I will once it’s finished and on me!