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Been Ages…Back To Posting

December 24, 2010

Been hard at work on a Christmas present for Cheryl…

Entrelac Scarf

Should be done by tomorrow…PLEASE!  Procrastination really does come back to nip you in the butt if you aren’t careful!  I’ll post pictures as soon as all the projects are done!


holiday knitting

December 14, 2009

It always seems as though no matter how much time I give myself to complete projects that will be gifts, I never quite have enough time to get them all done.  There is quite a list of things that I need done…

  • Mom: sampler cross stitch
    55% Complete
  • Michelle: pink wave scarf
    90% Complete
  • Melissa: pink pocket mittens
    0% Complete
  • Cheryl: angel cross stitch
    35% Complete
  • Harry: lazy dog cross stitch
    5% Complete
  • Giorgio: fair isle hat
    100% Complete
  • Emma: knitted frog princess
    95% Complete

What am I going to do?!  I’m really not sure that there is any way for me to get all these projects done in a week and a half!  Well, I guess I should stop blogging and get to work, eh?  Hope everyone else’s knitting/crafting for the holidays is going better than mine is!